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Citylink International Ltd

International oil & gas company E-mail: Phone: +442071125135 EXPERTISE
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Citylink International Ltd

International oil & gas company E-mail: Phone: +442071125135 INTEGRITY
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Citylink International Ltd

International oil & gas company E-mail: Phone: +442071125135 TRUST
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Citylink International Ltd

International oil & gas company E-mail:
Phone: +442071125135



Citylink International Ltd is an international company based in the London and specialized in extraction of crude petroleum, of natural gas and support activities for extraction of natural gas and petroleum and supplying crude oil and refined products. Citylink International Ltd have fully licensed to trade these products,  with a complete new vision of a unique integration, exploitation, refining distribution, in order to secure product to end buyers, on time, avoiding the speculation channels and with the aim of creating a center of excellence ensuring a global reach in all European and Asian markets as well as in the USA or some African countries.

We have strategic supply alliances based on partnerships or J.V. to ensure continuous and reliable delivery of oil products without interruption at competitive prices even by international industry standards.


Phone: +442071125135

Fax: +442071833073

Mission & values

We welcome accountability and international standards of responsibility and governance.


    By concentrating the available resources, we have creating a highly efficient centre of competence and specialized knowledge covering the sector of oilfield, refinery, quality and transportation.
    We do not expose ourselves of our customers to unnecessary risks rather,  we use our worldwide reach local understanding and experience to anticipate changes and delivery effective and reliable logistic solutions.

    MISSION, Citylink International Ltd

    Integrity: Professional standards in all relationships.

    Openness: Relationships which create the conditions for free discussion of any company issues.

    Trust: Guarantee of competent management

    Respect: A commitment to partnership and working with all stakeholders

    VALUES, Citylink International Ltd

Main Line Products

oil tanker

We are engaging to provide to customers full excellence services, all our products will be tested, analyzed and certified by our SGS or CIQ partners before each shipment  at the loading port corresponding to the end user’s needs. We are able to ship CIF but also upon request directly to the tank from or FOB from different terminals.

Crude oil

Crude oil

Globally, Citylink International Ltd trade essentially light or blended crude oil.

Our team has experiences and contacts including ground expertise in Russia, Eastern Europe, South/Central America and Africa and new opportunities will soon open in the Middle East region.

We have actually a strong demand from Chinese major companies for Crude oil.

We are able to optimize the value of the seller’s stream and to meet and exceed the demands of refineries.

We succeed by being consistently dynamic, innovative and well- informed. Our highly professional and experienced team is well versed to cope with the challenges of the trade guaranteeing an efficient performance.


The clients of Citylink International Ltd are essentially requesting the following products:

  • Aviation jet fuel as JET A1 or Jet TS-1.
  • Gasoil/Diesel low Sulphur (as EN590 /E4/E5).
  • Mazut (MZT) low Sulphur (type GOST 10585-75), essentially for Asian buyers.
  • Heating oil (D6): strong demand essentially from American buyers.
  • Gasoline 95 or premium (for European buyers).

We are focusing for reliable, secured and continuous supplier/producer sources for this different product, our demand actually increasing.


Global partnership

The basis of our international trading activities is a strong and personal relationship with our suppliers in particular with Russia, Russia Geographic Area, Nigeria, Angola, Venezuela, and solid opportunities in the Middle East. These relationships allow us to obtain genuine crude oil and refined products allocations or the license to become an authorized seller or their crude oil and other distillates by signing partnership agreement or Joint Ventures with our suppliers.

Our partnership model is at the heart of the way we do business and give us a real advantage in order to create customized solutions with an aim to increase flexibility and reliability. We are confident that Citylink International Ltd is well positioned to become your partner in the supply of your fuel or other energy commodities.

Concerning our final clients Citylink International Ltd has establish good relations and confidence with a strong network of reliable buyers, all verified and specialized.